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Wood-fired pizza oven COLISEU


The COLISEU wood-fired pizza oven
is a pizza oven that will take to the next level
This pizza oven has triple insulation. Made with a layer of refractory bricks inside and insulated with three ceramic blankets.
This oven is finished with a layer of coloured projected cork.
The oven is available in two sizes: 110 cm and 130 cm.
Comes equipped with a built-in thermometer and steel door (that is extractable) with two wooden handles. The dimensions of the door are 50 x 30 cm, leaving a large opening for cooking XL pizzas or large baking trays. The oven door is finished with black thermal paint.
The pizza oven is supplied with a stainless steel smoke evacuation system. It does not include the chimney tube or cap, these are optional.
We make this oven in 3 colours: Black, White and Red.