Wood-fired brick oven POMPEIA 100cm insulated

Manufacturer: BrasaOvens

A wood-fired brick oven size: 100cm fully insulated
construction method delivering a high-quality wood-fired oven that is easy to use.
An excellent oven to have in your garden to entertain your guests while baking: Pizzas, tarts, loaves, sweet treats, roasts, stews and many other dishes you love.

Description Stone oven
We use the highest quality materials in the construction of our wood-fired brick ovens.
There are 4 stable steel brackets on the corners of the oven's base meant to place the stone oven in its final location in the garden.
It has a dome oven made out of 10cm thick refractory bricks for excellent temperature retention inside the oven's chamber.
The oven is 100% insulated with a ceramic blanket and has a chimney outlet of 14cm in diameter with a valve that allows you to control the temperature inside the oven.
This oven, should be preserved from the weather elements by a breathable cover when not in use.

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