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Pizza oven BRASA Città, a wood-fired oven


The most robust and user-friendly wood-fire pizza oven we have ever developed. Totally designed and manufactured in Portugal.

This pizza oven is made with the best thermal insulation (ceramic insulation capable of holding up to 1200º Celsius) and equipped with refractory bricks that will store the extreme temperatures that the oven reaches internally for many hours.
The lid at the back of the oven, also fully insulated with ceramic, makes it easy to access the fire and feed it with more wood whenever necessary. Thus, you feed the fire inside the oven with great ease and safely.
This oven reaches a temperature of 500º Celsius in 20 minutes. So, if you feel like making pizzas it is a matter of minutes (to light the oven) and you will be enjoying perfect pizzas made with your BRASA Città. Not only perfectly crispy but also with the incomparable taste and aroma of a pizza made over a wood fire.

But beware! this oven is not limited to making pizzas, it is big enough to cook a small turkey and other roasts, grills or stews.

Powerful, versatile and friendly because when it comes to cleaning and putting it away, it's quick and easy. The firebox has a tray that stores the ashes. So just pour the ashes out of the firebox and the oven is ready for you to put away.
The oven weighs only 25 kg without the refractory stones and 35 kg fully equipped and ready to cook, which makes it easy to handle by a single person.

€800.00 €488.00 excluding shipping